Would you like a cup of tea?

Hello Sloan's Lake neighbors and park-goers!

Ever since moving to the neighborhood ourselves, we've wanted a cozy, small tea and coffee shop to grab our morning cup before heading out for the day. We'd even daydreamed about the space in between Toast and Planted because it really is the perfect place for a café!

As if the universe heard, a FOR RENT sign went up in May. I literally ran home and called the number on the sign. From then until now, the neighborhood has opened up to us in a way that I would have never guessed. People who have lived here for years and year have stated that they always wanted to see a coffee shop in the space. We've begun to get to know everyone and the history of Sloan's Lake. It has really been so encouraging! It is one of our goals for the shop: to give the neighborhood citizens a place to get to know each other. 

So where are we in this process? We are coming up to our Board of Adjustments meeting to get our first permit from the city on Tuesday the 14th. If the large blue sign in the shop doorway hasn't caught your eye yet, now you know! As soon as we get that green light, we are going to begin breaking ground. 

Needless to say, I'm excited! I cannot wait to get to know the neighborhood even more and build this tea shop.