It Began with a walk around the neighborhood...

The store front on 23rd Ave was perfect for a little coffee shop. When it went up for rent, we thought, "Let's do it!"

We want to bring the neighborhood together over a cup of tea. Or coffee. Through some English pastries in and it's Beaumont't Tea & Coffee Co! As if plucked out of the English countryside, we hope you'll find a cozy spot in this tea house. 

Our Vision

Beaumont’s Tea & Coffee Co will be a fixture in the neighborhood to serve the people who live in it. It will create a safe space for everyone. It will serve as a conveigning space for people to enjoy a great cuppa and spend time with their friends or read a book.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a cozy tea shop to the north corner of Sloan’s Lake neighborhood for the residents to be able to walk to when they want a tea, coffee, snack, or juice. Our mission is to bring a community building storefront to the area which can sell local food and drink products and non comestible merchandise.